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Maestra Mary
Bilingual Director, Educator, & Founder

Ms. Mary is the Director & Founder of Casa de Montessori, which was established in 2011. CDM began in Ms. Mary's home with four children when her youngest child, Maya, was just a baby. Ms. Mary began her Early Childhood educational career over 25 years ago working in charter, private, and public school settings. She has spent those years passionately focused on the development of children between the ages of 0-7 years old.

As CDM has grown and moved into it's own commercial building, she decided to step out of the classroom for the first time in 2023 to focus on program administration, enrichment opportunities, & school operations. Ms. Mary also serves as a Mentor Teacher for upcoming Montessorians in the valley, but her favorite job is that as mami to her three sweet and beautiful children. 

Ms. Mary earned her Early Childhood Teaching Credential from the American Montessori Society, New York in 2010. Ms. Mary also earned her Undergraduate Degree Cum Laude in Human Services from Ottawa University and has used both degrees to create a diverse, inclusive, bilingual, community space for all. She is a former City of Phoenix Social Worker who has a passion for helping the whole family unit to best support the parenting/childhood experience.

Ms. Mary is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Program Administration and continues to learn about how to best serve the neurodivergent learner. She is of Guatemalan descent and has shared the last 25 years with her number one supporter, Richard. Her other number one supporter is her mom who has believed in her every step of the way during the expansion of CDM. Ms. Mary enjoys plants, traveling, exercising, hiking, and eating out. She is grateful for the amazing CDM teacher team who make coming to work a happy adventure. Keep reading to learn more about them...


Maestra Esthefania
Toddler House
Lead Teacher

Ms. Esthefania is the Toddler Whisperer, is impeccably skilled, and easy to love. She and Ms. Mary began working together over 10 year ago when Ms. Mary was searching for an Assistant Teacher to support her in leading a new toddler classroom of 18 children. They formed a strong connection of respect, dependability, and connection over Montessori pedagogy while guiding many children throughout the school years. There is no one better than Ms. Esthefania to lead our Toddler House program at CDM. She is a passionate, kind, dedicated, joyous teacher and co-worker. She loves to sing with the children and build relationship with them and their families.
Ms. Esthefania earned her Teaching Credential through the North American Montessori Center in 2016. Alongside her husband, she is raising a beautiful son, Iker, whom she is an incredibly loving mother to. She loves reading, baking, dancing, rooting for the AZ Cardinals, and everything panda bears. Ms. Esthefania adores her beloved family including those who still reside in her native town of Hidalgo, Mexico and enjoys all their native cuisine.
Ms. Esthefania add so much laughter, culture, and school spirit to Casa de Montessori. Your child will probably love to call her "Nia" and sing a favorite song about a little turtle/la tortuga. 


Ms. Ruby
Toddler House
Assistant Teacher

Ms. Ruby started with Casa de Montessori in 2021 as a Summer Camp Assistant when CDM began to grow. She was exposed to the Montessori Method as a child visiting her tia's (aunt's house) who is Ms. Mary. Ms. Ruby currently works alongside Ms. Esthefania as one of her full time Assistant Teachers in the Toddler House classroom and in the Extended Care program. She says Ms. Esthefania is like a second mom and admires her mentorship over the years. 
Ms. Ruby states CDM really helped her see young children in a different light and loves being with them. She is a natural, patient, and nurturing teacher who always has the right thing to say to help a child over come difficult emotions. Every child and teacher loves Ms. Ruby because she is a great communicator, sweet, patient, accountable, resourceful, and kind.
Ms. Ruby is of Salvadorean and Guatemalan descent. She works hard, is fun loving, and creative. She loves to cook, root for the Raiders, watch movies, care for her bearded dragon-Panchito, travel, and spend time with family and friends when not surrounded by the littles in our program.


Ms. Yully joined CDM in 2023 as a Toddler House Assistant Teacher when our previous assistant left on maternity leave. Ms. Yully is from Caracas, Venezuela and alongside her husband is raising three wonderful children. She holds over ten years experience in Early Childhood and is a passionate educator with loads of energy. Ms. Yully is hard working, kind, and dedicated. The children easily gravitate to her loving and attentive disposition.
Ms. Yully completes our excellent Toddler House Team where it seems like friends work together all day alongside 14 beautiful toddlers.
Ms. Yully is quite the adventurer and loves to go hiking, dancing, and participate in Zumba when not in the classroom. She also enjoys nature, Venezuelan cuisine, and family.  

Ms. Yully
Toddler House
Spanish Speaking
Assistant Teacher

Ms. Mariah
Children's House

Bilingual Lead Teacher

Ms. Mariah began her career at Casa de Montessori as a Summer Camp Assistant in 2021. Ms. Mariah is like no other as she early on was willing to take on more responsibilities than was allotted. She had the desire to learn more, do more, and is constantly able to adapt to the learners under her care. Ms. Mariah is currently completing her Early Childhood Teaching Credential from the American Montessori Society, New York and has been under the supervision of Ms. Mary. Ms. Mariah is gifted in all she does, is very proactive, a great planner, and has a strong passion for Science, Math, and American Sign Language. She is a natural, calm teacher who is able to create engaging lessons, strong connections, and firm boundaries for her students so they can learn and exceed their own expectations.
Ms. Mariah is a born leader and fully dedicated to creating a rich learning environment for the students she guides each day and her nephews/nieces when not in the classroom. Ms. Mariah is a Chandler native and of Mexican descent. She loves sushi & Mexican food. She also loves music, the arts, sewing, thrifting, and her cats. Ms. Mariah adds so much beauty, integrity, and spark to Casa de Montessori by incorporating all her creative, innovative, and fresh ideas to engage and challenge her students.
She and her two full time, Spanish speaking assistants make the Children's House the most wonderful classroom for the 3-6 year old child. 

Ms. Amalia
Children's House
Spanish Speaking
Assistant Teacher 

Ms. Amalia is from Chandler and is a dynamic Assistant Teacher. She has roots in Jalisco, Mexico and is fluent in both Spanish and English. Ms. Amalia began her career with us in early 2023 as a Teacher Assistant. She is the most patient, kind, dependable, and creative person. You can always count on Ms. Amalia to be fully present for her students each day, have a radiant smile, and offer incredible guidance for her students as she knows children need a patient adult.
Ms. Amalia earned her Art Degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2012. Our students are lucky to learn about photography and the arts from someone so skilled and talented. She is regularly bringing in something new for them to explore.
Ms. Amalia has an extensive background as a Habilitation and Respite Provider working with children between 0-17 years old. She is an incredibly loving person who connects well with children and co-workers alike. Ms. Amalia enjoys her family, watching movies, going to the beach, crocheting, and spa days!

Ms. Maria is from Sonora, Mexico and is an incredibly energetic and dedicated educator who loves the Montessori Method and guiding children throughout their days at CDM. 
Ms. Maria holds a degree in Educational Psychology and is the proud mother of two year old, Sofia, a Toddler House student. Ms. Maria is a genuine, patient, and loving person who takes her professionalism to another level. 
Ms. Maria loves to bake cakes, travel, go to the gym, visit the beach, and treat herself to a spa day. Everyone loves her sweet, joyous, and hard working demeanor. She is easy to love and will quickly befriend you.

We are lucky to have her as one of our Children's House Spanish Speaking Assistants and school parents. 

Ms. Maria
Children's House
Spanish Speaking
Assistant Teacher
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